A beautifull shallow beach with Acheron river on the side.


Traveling at the side of Epirus coasts you will make you believe that you are traveling on an island of Ionion Sea.
Several invaluable places before and after Ammoudia exist.
Very close to Ammoudia is the village of  Mesopotamos which you can find the archeological place of Nekromantio of Acheron https://goo.gl/maps/CaTVod3nzoM2 .

Acheron river is also a unique characteristic of further area. You can visit sources of Acheron , boating on Acheron or just take a boat with tourist guide and travel from the estuary of river till several km on the river.

Lychnos is a great destination beach , at about 30min from Ammoudia. Tha beach is unique, my opinion one of the less. Check this link https://goo.gl/maps/oGAa7q1EMcC2

to be continued.


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