The biggest island in Greece, strong tradition, magical places , strong gourmet tastes.
Need at least 10 days to stay if you want to feel the vibes of island and to visit a serious amount of places that will give you the spirit of the Crete island.
You will definitely need a car to go around but you have to be very careful when driving, a lot of accidents happens to this island.

From one side to other of island you will need almost 4-5 hours of driving but there is no need to do it . Choose to separate and visit island in two stages.
One is Rethymno and Chania (west part)
Both are very different between them, make your choices.

Other is Heraklion and Sitia (east part)

I prefer East side and  south side of the island.
Favorite destination for people who love mystic beauty.
Beautiful beaches are decades, some of my favorites are the following.

1)Paralia Episkopis

2)Preveli beach after Samarias passing

to be continued...........


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